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Feb 27/ 2020 By Admin


Tripplestore.com is the latest online store in Nigeria with a triple mission for you to buy, sell and earn.

At tripplestore.com, you can shop for your home and office electronics, laptops and computers, phones and tablets at your convenience, make payment online and have it delivered to your home at your convenience 

 Within Lagos- 24 hours 

 Outside Lagos – 3 Working days. 

You can also shop with a deposit payment and earn the rest by referring people to make purchase as well as deposits (affiliate marketing) 

You can as well refer people, earn on their purchase and use it to shop or cash out (Freelance Marketing) 

Lastly, you can become a Vendor (Sell on tripplestore.com). 

Tripplestore.com is the website owned by Hi-Hub Trading Limited duly registered in Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No. 1588689. 

Tripplestore.com was launched with you in mind. Our range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of customer satisfaction and convenience with the retail process; these services include 

 Lowest price guarantee 

 7-days free return policy 

 Order delivery-tracking 

 Dedicated customer service support 

 Free shipping for Affiliate Marketers 

 24 hours delivery within Lagos and 3 working days delivery outside Lagos. 

Our Vision is 

To see a happy people connected to real opportunity for a dream life 

Our Mission is 

To provide quality products for our customers with the most convenient payment plan and very attractive reward system through synergy 

And our Motto is 

Good Life, Made Easy


You can sell our products and get commission for every item sold as a freelance marketer. 

Just click here;  You will receive your referral ID when you verify your email address. 

Benefit of signing up as a freelance marketer is that you earn commission of 2.5% for any product sold with your referral ID 


On tripplestore.com, you can make deposit of as low as 5,000 naira for products and earn the rest with our affiliate marketing plan. Here you can earn as much as more than 18.1 million naira on our platform with our structured plan. 

In this plan, we have scheduled a structured networking plan to enable you refer, earn, purchase and cash out from your dashboard to your bank account. For more info, click here  

All you have to do select the products you desire and make the deposit to the company’s account, you will be sent a referral ID after you verify your email address, then you can use it to refer. 

The benefit you get from signing up as an affiliate marketer includes 

*Earn 10 points for your #5,000 deposit 

*Earn 10 points from people you refer to make deposit (1st level referrals) 

*Earn another 10 points from everyone they refer to make deposit (2nd level referrals) 

*Earn 5 points from people they refer to make deposits (3rd level referrals) 

*Earn 1.5% cash from every purchase from your 1st level referrals 

*Earn 0.5% cash from your 2nd level referrals and 

*Earn 0.5% from your 3rd level referrals 

*Earn from 1.5% from Freelance marketers purchase that sign up using your referral ID 

*Earn Leadership bonus of 50,000 naira on having cumulative of 2000 points within two months 

*Earn extra leadership bonus on completion of every stage


Stage 1: Cumulative of 2000 points equivalent to #100,000 

You can start cashing out 50% anytime to your registered bank account anytime when you accumulate from 100 points and above and continue referring 

From stage 2 we have the Auto-pilot stages where you only motivate your referrals to work while you move to other levels as they continue to refer, you don’t need to refer anymore 

Stage 2: Cumulative of 4000 points equivalent to #0.5 Million 

Stage 3: Cumulative of 6000 points equivalent to #2.5 Million 

Stage 4: Cumulative of 8000 points equivalent to #5 Million 

Stage 5: Cumulative of 10000 points equivalent to #10 Million


 tripplestore.com is a new platform that is just launched. It is one of its kind with enormous earning opportunities 

 Its networking plan is very easy and stress free and will never get stuck, meaning anyone coming in at anytime will always have prospects. 

 You can complete your stages within six months if you are a go-getter 

 You can build a team and restart the cycle with them at completion of your last stage of earning and earn all your life without having to work very much 

 tripplestore.com networking plan can never run out of people or become crowded because of the nature of recycling where individuals can complete their phase and restart the cycle again, meaning there would always be people who are available for registration 

 You can start earning money within hours

 No education or experience is needed; we train you free 

 Start FREE as a freelance marketer, or join as an affiliate by making deposit for products you want to earn from our networking plan 

 Built-in profit sharing (share in the profits from ALL sales at our store each month) 

 Tripplestore.com is a debt-free company, fully registered in Nigeria 

 Continuous income cycling (earn 24 hours a day/365 days a year) 

 10,000+ commissionable products + new products added daily 

 Earn money from anywhere you live  World-class 24/7 support & assistance 

 Work from the comfort of your home on your computer, tablet, or smart phone or go mobile and take your business with you as you travel 

 Free customized dashboard and free upgrade system 

 Personal, one-on-one support available around the clock 

 We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you 

 Work and earn at your own pace  Excellent long-term residual income potential 

 One of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in the world today 

 Work with fellow entrepreneurs for mutual success 

 You can even sell your products by becoming a vendor on tripplestore.com even as an affiliate marketer 

For Affiliate Marketing, Click here: https://tripplestore.com/how-to-affiliate 

For Freelance Marketing, Click here: https://tripplestore.com/how-to-freelance 

For Selling on tripplestore, Click here: https://tripplestore.com/merchant/register