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Jan 14/ 2020 By Admin

Human wants are numerous and we have insatiable needs, that is why tripplestores at the same time put that into consideration, when we say we built our store with you in mind. 

If you desire any of our products, but don't have enough cash to complete the purchase, you can select such product/products, make a deposit of not less than #5,000, get a referral code, market our products and earn to complete your purchase as well as meet other needs by cashing out excess earnings into your bank account

As an affiliate marketer, you earn in the following ways to enable you complete your purchase on time

*earn 1.5% cash every time you refer people to do direct purchase on the store using your referral link
*earn points every time you refer people to make deposit and become affiliate marketers.
*earn points every time people you refer also refer people to become affiliate marketers
*earn cash every time those affiliate marketers in your team complete their purchases
*accumulated points can be checkout anytime to make purchase or withdraw to your account. You can earn up to the tune of 10 million naira with our well laid out structure
*opportunity to become a team head and work permanently with us and head newly opened branches anywhere in the country as we deem fit
*And many more

To become a part of our team, just visit www.tripplestore.com and sign up


Select desired product/products
Click on "select product"
Click on "make a deposit"
Click on "deposit now"
It will lead you to the form
Fill the form, on the referral ID column, insert the referral ID of the person that introduced you to the store
Tick the "I agree" button
Click on register
You will be lead to see a banner "5000, that will earn you 10 points"
Choose the amount you wish to deposit in multiples of 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000, etc
Then proceed to payment.
Complete your payment and you will receive an email to verify your address

Click on the link, and then sign in.

Its that easy

After your registration, you can join our Affiliate marketers club where you have the opportunity to work with us to achieve our goal and objectives

Take advantage of the opportunities available. We are only recruiting 50 Affiliate marketers nationwide to be our paid staff. So once the slot is completed, the offline staffing ends automatically

These staffs asides earning online will be on our payroll and staff list and with be responsible for carrying out duties assigned to them.

They will be required to work at their pace but should be able to meet set targets.

If you are interested in joining our staffing list, you must first sign up as a marketer on our store, then contact our customer service line on 09034007089 to complete your staffing.

You can work from any part of the country. No restrictions.