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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the company? TRIPPLESTORE
When was the company founded? Has been in existence since 2015, but just launched in Nigeria
What are their products? Phones, airtime, Electronics, and general goods
Does tripplestore have an office in Nigeria? Yes, in Lagos, Nigeria
Is the company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission? Yes
Are you sure this company won’t fold up like others? Very sure because as long as we have human live we will always need these products to live a comfortable life
What are the marketing packages of the company? The company has two marketing scheme :
1. Freelance Marketing
2. Affiliate Marketing
How do I join the company? Get a link from who told you about the company and signup as a freelance marketer or as an affiliate marketer, if no one told you about it, then go to the website and register. But tripplestore encourages team work. It is faster to work together as a team.
What must I register with, must I refer before I start making money? You can refer people to earn commission as a freelance marketer and you can make a deposit to earn cash and points as an affiliate marketer
Getting people is hard, how do I go about it. Not anymore, if someone referred you, you can join their whatsapp group or join the company’s facebook group to get training and campaign tools, you can create a whatsapp group and invite people on social media platforms
You said joining the affiliate marketing plan is more profitable, how? The mouth watering compensation plan for affiliate marketers are better than freelance (read the benefits of affiliate marketing)
What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing? These are the earnings you enjoy as an affiliate marketer
• 1-2000 points - Up to ₦100,000
• Up to 4000 points - ₦500,000 and other commission
• Up to 6000 points - ₦2,500,000 and other commission
• Up to 8000 points - ₦5,000,000 and other commission
• Up to 10000 points – ₦10,000,000 and other commission
Can people outside Nigeria join tripplestore? Yes, but they have to purchase special products (especially products that may not require shipping such as lands, airtime, etc)
When I make an initial deposit for product, say N5,000/ N50,000 what will be my point? You will be given 10 points per N5,000 and 100 points for N50,000 as your registration bonus
What is the number of people I can refer? You can refer as many as you want, there are no specific limits of referrals
Do I earn from my referrals downlines? Yes, You can earn up to the third level
How then can I help my downlines? Yes, you can choose to send their referral link to your prospects
How do I retrieve the commission in my wallet? You can transfer it to your registered bank account when you signed up by clicking on "cash out"
What about Points, what are they used for? Accumulation of points qualifies you for bonuses and incentives
How do I accumulate points? Strictly from affiliate marketers signup
Do I need to pay extra or upgrade to earn bonuses and incentives? No, only the first deposit is required to earn an affiliate marketing commission
Can I earn more if I work harder? Yes, you can earn extra N50,000 if you can get a cumulative of 4000 points within a month
How do I Cashout? Simply click on the withdraw icon
Can I make extra bonus every month? YES you can, just be passionate about your business and go all out for it.
If I accumulate more than 10,000 points, will I still be earning? No, that is the last stage, but you can sign up again and start the process all over again.
Do I get PV and commissions for my indirect sign ups? Yes will and up to the third level
What do I earn from purchases? You earn:
1% as a freelance marketer and
1.5% - 0.1% as an affiliate marketer
How does having more direct referrals help me in tripplestore? It increases your chances of having active downlines, helps u earn more referral bonuses and purchase bonuses

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