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How To Earn On Tripplestore (Affiliate Marketer)


As an affiliate marketer, you have the opportunity to purchase items by depositing an amount as part payment into the company’s account for a product you desire and choose, then start referring people to make purchase or make deposits to earn cash and points which can be added up to purchase your chosen item and also earn extra income.

This marketing structure gives you opportunity to earn in the following ways when people click and use your link to do transactions on tripplestore

  • Earn points when you sign up with your initial deposit
  • Earn when someone signs up as an affiliate marketer through your link
  • Earn when the affiliate marketers under you also sign people up through their link
  • Earn every time people you refer make payment on purchased item
  • Earn points that will give you special rewards

You can withdraw 50% of every earning whenever you want and shop with the remaining 50%.